Hákon Hjaltalín

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Short Bio

Hákon Hjaltalín is an Icelandic solo rock musician, inspired by the classic sounds of 60’s and 70’s rock music. With perfect pitch and an ear for detail, he started playing the violin at the age of 4. He started playing the guitar at 10 years old, and later started performing, singing, and writing his own music. He has been on various Icelandic venues and featured in radio and TV. His latest album called Shadows will be released at the end of July.

Long Bio

Born and raised in Iceland, Hákon Hjaltalín is a multi-instrumentalist, singer and a songwriter recording songs performed solely by him. His music draws inspiration from the 60’s and 70’s, with the main style of his music being classic rock. He is interested in a wide range of music and works on developing his own unique style.

He was born with perfect pitch, and started playing the violin when he was 4 years old. His first exposure to classic rock was a Queen CD that his father gave to him. He would listen to the songs and was able to separate the vocal harmonies in his head from a young age. At 10 years old, he started learning the guitar and has stuck with it ever since. When he turned 15, he started performing for others on the guitar as well as singing, and soon started experimenting with songwriting. He released his first album in 2019 called Black Dogs. All the songs were performed and recorded by him. He has performed on various Icelandic venues, including Harpa Concert Hall, which is Iceland’s biggest music venue. He has been featured in Icelandic radio, as well as television. While he plays all the instruments when he records his music, he performs with a backup band in live shows.

His album called Shadows will be released in July 2023. He has released two singles from the album, “Out of Sight” and “Battle with Mortality”, which both received positive reviews from curators, labels, and other critics. The Shadows album was performed, recorded, and mixed by Hákon and mastered by mastering engineers at Abbey Road Studios. Following the album release on streaming platforms, the album will be played on various other platforms and released physically in record stores on vinyl and CD.


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